International Wildlife Conservation and Education Coalition

The International Wildlife Conservation and Education Coalition (IWCEC) is comprised of private zoological institutions, conservationists and researchers dedicated to wildlife conservation, public environmental education and the superior husbandry and propagation of captive wildlife gene pools. IWCEC exists to unite and promote cooperation between top level private zoological facilities, whose conservation projects and close work with ambassador species falls outside the scope and framework of existing associations and working groups that primarily focus on the operation of public zoos and aquariums.
Member institutions of the IWCEC are accredited, inspected, regulated and held to the highest standards of ethics, care, husbandry and safety practices.

IWCEC holds the world's single largest captive gene pool of the highly endangered tiger. Animal ambassadors from IWCEC institutions effectively help to educate the public about the importance of conserving our ecological diversity, while, at the same time, generating significant funding for in-situ conservation projects, helping to save wildlife in their natural locations.

International conservation projects sponsored by IWCEC members numbers in the millions of dollars and take place on all seven continents.

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